Brian P. Abelson

New York, NY / /


Experienced Data Scientist and Full-Stack Engineer, Open Source Software Developer, Digital Journalist, and Civic Hacker with a track record of using data for social good.




Kickstarter (Senior Data Engineer, 2017-present)

Vox Media (Chief Data Scientist, 2016)

Enigma (Chief Data Scientist, 2013-2015)

NewsLynx (Co-founder and CTO, 2013-2015)

DataKind (DataCorps Ambassador, 2013-2014)

New York Times / Knight-Mozilla OpenNews (Data Scientist / OpenNews Fellow, 2013)

Treasury.IO (Technical Lead, 2013)

Harmony Institute (Data Scientist, 2012)

Columbia University (Research Assistant, 2011)

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (Assistant Program Officer, 2009-2011)

Grassroots Campaigns (Assistant Office Manager, 2004)


Columbia University, New York, NY

Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

Awards / Grants


Keller, Michael and Abelson, Brian (2015). Newslynx: A tool for newsroom impact measurement. Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University.

Varshney, Kush R., Abelson, Brian, et. al. (2014). Targeting villages for rural development using satellite image analysis. Big Data 3:1.

Dmochowski, J.P., Abelson, Brian, et. al. (2014). Audience preferences are predicted by temporal reliability of neural processing. Nature Communications 5:4567.